Nails Inc Steal

Now I’m not much of a beauty guru. I like to watch make up tutorials on Youtube (NikkieTutorials is by far my favourite) so I know quite a lot about the beauty world. There is no way I could ever replicate half the stuff they do though because I lack both the money and the patience. I’m the kind of person who struggles with getting their eyeliner even so blending a nice smokey eye that doesn’t look like a panda is so far beyond my capabilities. My everyday look is a tinted moisturiser with powder (I’m not into the shine) and I might fill in my eyebrows if I have a spare 5 minutes. However, I go to the gym and I’m the polar opposite of a morning person so I rarely have time to apply much makeup and don’t even get me started on how I ‘style’ my hair!

One thing I do seem to be sort of good at, if my brain lets me believe other people’s compliments, is painting my nails. Now I’m talking about nail art or false nails or anything like that because I am by no means a nail technician. I am somewhat of a perfectionist though which I think really helps when doing your nails. My nails are also in pretty good condition thanks to my somewhat healthy lifestyle and not hating vegetables. On the rare occasion when I do visit a professional they tell me I have small cuticles (which I’m told is a good thing) and that my actual nails are strong. They also grow very quickly and I have never bitten them so with minor maintenance they look pretty decent.

Now because I’m a student I’m always looking to save money in any way I can and I normally wouldn’t buy something as frivolous as 10 bottles of Nails Inc. polish.

However, this was too good an offer. I am subscribed to Martin Lewis’ money saving website and I saw there was a deal from Nails Inc and I thought that’s way too good to be true…

All of these shades came in a new season bundle online.

IMG_0172.JPG From left to right;

  • Draycott Avenue (a pink nude)
  • Chelsea Bridge Road (a gold foil effect)
  • Electric Avenue (silver gold, looks like it could be a topper)
  • Chelsea Square (rose gold glitter)
  • The Bolton’s (red metallic)
  • Stratford (gold mirror metallic)
  • The Thames (on trend grey and the one I’m most excited to wear everyday)
  • Grosvenor Crescent (a very deep purple – aubergine/eggplant)
  • Burton Mews (a deep forest green)
  • Black Taxi (classic black patent)

On Martin Lewis they had looked up how much each full-size polish would be to buy individually and the total came to ~£110 which to be fair is how much I would expect to pay for Nails Inc. (If you’ve never used their products before they are comparable to OPI in terms of colour, length of wear and price.) However, their deal was 1,100 sets to be sold for just under £25!!! Which included delivery. An absolute steal in my opinion. So naturally I went onto their website at 4am (perks of insomnia) and manage to bag a set for myself.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to keep all of the shade for myself yet as they’d make great stocking fillers and I’m not sure all of the shade would suit me.

Thanks for reading! I just had to share this incredible bargain with you all and I’m sorry that it is completely sold out.

If you’d like to see any of the shades on my nails then leave a comment below and I’ll try to add some pictures.


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