First thing’s first…

A little introduction to my life at the moment.

As I write this first draft it is 6am. I have not been to sleep yet. “Oh” I hear you ask, “Is that because you’re currently drunk and have just come back from a nightout?” No, unfortunately I’m not that cool, I just suffer from bouts of insomnia. “Oh, so will writing a blog instead of sleeping help?” Well probably not but I’m not the best at following advice as here we are. Anyway, my flatmate has just got up to start his day (he’s a bit of a health nut), how do I know this? Well we live in a 2 bedroom basement flat in London that is kinda small so you can hear quite a lot.

Background information. My flatmate and I (we’ll call him John) are both in the same year doing geology at the same university. We are both dark blondes, similar heights (he’ll hate me for saying that) and always get the same answers on Buzzfeed quizzes. His theory is that we are twins separated at birth and I’m not sure he isn’t wrong.

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 14.35.15.png

(N.B. Don’t take this quiz and compare answers with your friends if you ever want to look them in the eye again)

Last year we also lived together but with 3 other people so life was a bit different. How did this happen? Well last year many of my closest friends (including 3 that i lived with) all decided to go on the year abroad scheme that our Uni offers. Therefore my friendship group rapidly decreased and John and I ended up talking about living together on our own, he talked to his girlfriend and here we are. Living together. In London. Just the two of us. The two amigos. Just us. Deux. Dos. Just us.

Do people think it’s weird? Some of them yeah. It’s odd to talk to people about the one guy you live without them jumping to conclusions. It’s annoying to me because he’s my best friend and there is nothing beyond friendship between us. Our long running joke is that he only goes for brunettes and blondes just don’t do it for me therefore we could never be together. Do I let it bother me? Nah, people will think what they want but as long as we know what’s going on then that’s all that really matters to be honest.

Thank you for making it to the end, this is just a really brief summary so that hopefully my rambles in the future will make sense or be further explained!


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