I watch a lot of Youtube videos. Probably an unhealthy amount of them. It’s not like I have a prefered genre either I will watch vlogs, beauty tutorials, really quite shitty Buzzfeed videos, I don’t care I’ll watch them all. What inspired me though were a couple of Buzzfeed videos about Opposite Sex Roomates and it made me laugh because I easily related to some of its content. I think I even made my flatmate watch them and we joked that we should vlog our lives because we think we’re pretty funny. However, both of us would be terrible at that so I decided I’d write this blog instead. (I haven’t told him yet)

Another inspiration came from a friend’s sister (who I have actually met) who blogs about her life as an aspiring writer. I found her content uplifting and as I rapidly approach my graduation next year if I do become unemployed I thought it might be nice to have a record of events leading up to said unemployment. Wow, that got quite dark, apologies. Perhaps I am having a mid-life crisis already I freaked out when I turned 20 last year (a story for another time maybe) but didn’t so much for my 21st this year…

Anyway, this will be an interesting endeavour for me as I love to read and write but haven’t chosen it as a career path so this can be my little hobby. And I hope this is interesting for you as a reader too I’m not sure my life is all that interesting or different from anyone else’s but I know I personally enjoy reading things that I can relate to.

Oh and as a word of warning, I hardly ever remember to take good photos, I think it comes from that fact that I’ve never had a good phone camera or I could just be a hipster and say it’s because I like to live in the moment.

So if you’ve made it to the end of this post, thanks for reading.


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