Bake Off Finale!

I don’t know about you but I absolutely love the Great British Bake Off! The drama, the skills and of course the cake.

Does John like GBBO? Well he doesn’t hate it except a certain lipstick wearing contestant. And last time I was watching it in the kitchen he sat down with me and when I asked him about it he said it was just because it was on. (Yeah, sure thing buddy) He does complain that it makes him hungry though.

I’m a very amateur baker myself, although I never seem to be able to master bread and I am by no means good enough to get on to the show! Nevertheless, I like to bake things now and again. I tried to make a lemon and poppyseed courgette cake at the end of the summer but that failed spectacularly due to an error in the method. So I had bought rather a lot of poppyseeds for no real reason hence I decided to try this recipe from Pinterest. I did however make some adjustments as I forgot to add the blueberries and I do not own a loaf tin as our cupboard space is at a premium and muffins are just better anyway.

Here’s a photo of the finished cakes, yes the icing didn’t really work since it’s meant to be a drizzle and yes I did arrange them to look like a turtle, so sue me.


Unfortunately I’m not too impressed with this recipe. The cake is very moist and had a good rise however there is virtually no flavour. The lemon only comes through in the icing and there’s no tea flavour at all. Also, the amount of poppyseeds asked for is ridiculous as it’s made the cakes quite crunchy. Do I regret not adding the blueberries? No because then there really would be no flavour except a soggy wet blueberry crunch.

But back to bake off, I would love for Andrew to win because I think he’s so precise and clever without coming across as someone you’d want to punch in the face. Jane could also win for me but I feel that she has shown less of a learning curve than Andrew. I hope this isn’t too controversial but no matter how good her lipstick is I really hope it’s not Candice. I’ve never met her so I don’t like to judge but she’s so annoying on camera with the pouting, the false modesty and her constant need to do something extra. I generally don’t get on well with people like that. Mainly because I myself am not very innovative and I feel that it puts an extra pressure on the rest of us and if we don’t step up then we’re already fighting a losing battle. That’s just how I feel anyway. It’s probably just my laziness. John said that his mum (who teaches food tech) wouldn’t let Candice cook in her kitchen because of her high heels being a safety hazard and I can’t say that I disagree.

It’s just hit 9pm so I am signing off to go and watch the final since I don’t own a TV and if it’s controversial/dramatic I might write another post but be warned if Andrew wins I’ll be too happy to write anything coherent!


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