First thing’s first…

A little introduction to my life at the moment. As I write this first draft it is 6am. I have not been to sleep yet.


Nails Inc Steal

Now I'm not much of a beauty guru. I like to watch make up tutorials on Youtube so I know quite a lot about the beauty world. There is no way I could ever replicate half the stuff they do though because I lack both the money and the patience. I'm the kind of person who struggles with getting their eyeliner even so blending a nice smokey eye that doesn't look like a panda is so far beyond my capabilities.

Healthy Snacks and Flapjacks

I like to think I'm somewhat of a healthy person but I get hungry. Or more importantly John gets hungry. And when John gets hungry you know about it. So recently I have been trying to find healthier snacks to eat in between meals because let's face it when you don't have much to do or when you're avoiding doing something (much more likely for me) then you get hungry. I'm actually pretty hungry now...